Why Shrimp?

Shrimp My Way cover 250x350I’ve always loved shrimp, even before I jumped on the healthy eating bandwagon. Interestingly enough, back in my fat days the only way I ate shrimp was fried. Maybe that’s one reason they were my fat days! Still I loved that fried shrimp. Fast forward to my lifestyle change, and I had to find a way to include shrimp in my diet, without frying it.

Granted it wasn’t easy, but with a little trial and error I created a full repertoire of healthy shrimp recipes; from soups and stir fried creations to pasta dishes, baked delights and even ethnic favorites. I even managed to find a substitute for my beloved fried shrimp — baked Coconut Shrimp. It’s not like I eat Coconut Shrimp as often as I used to chow down on fried shrimp, but it’s a nice treat now and again.

So that’s what this book started out as, a collection of my favorite healthy shrimp recipes. Hence the title — Shrimp My Way.

But somewhere along the way, I thought this book should be more than just a recipe collection.

Since the recipes are healthy I also thought I should elaborate on some of the health benefits of shrimp, and set straight the cholesterol controversy that always arises whenever this tasty little crustacean is discussed. Let’s just say that we’ve learned a lot since the 1960s when shrimp was blacklisted.

Additionally, since you can really mess shrimp up if you don’t cook it properly (I know this from first-hand experience) I thought it would be helpful to include some general preparation information, as well as some tips about how to select the best shrimp.

There you have it — everything you need to start your own love affair with shrimp.

Of course I’m always finding new ways to cook shrimp, so cruise on by my Eating Well on the Road Blog at for my latest recipes, tips and healthy eating strategies.

Bon Appetite!

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