In The Book

Shrimp My Way; Low Calorie, Easy Prep and Simply Delicious focuses on healthy ways to prepare one of the author’s favorite foods. After jumping on the healthy eating bandwagon over four years ago, Candy Harrington soon discovered that the only way she knew how to cook shrimp was to fry it. Realizing this had to change, Candy spent over a year looking for healthier alternatives. This book is the result of her exhaustive search.

This creative cookbook includes over 25 slimming and easy-to-prepare shrimp recipes, plus handy tips, tricks and essential information about this tasty crustacean, including:

  • Shrimp and Cholesterol — Good or Bad?
  • Fresh or Frozen — Which is Better?
  • How to Pick Out Fresh Shrimp at the Market
  • How to Peel and Devein Shrimp
  • Storage Tips
  • Four Easy Ways to Prepare Shrimp
  • A Surefire Doneness Test

Penned by the author of Eating Well on the Road: A Travel Writer’s Strategy for Weight Loss, Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Changes, this must-have resource also includes lots of photos, easy-to-follow directions and nutritional information for each recipe.