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New Book Serves Up Low-Calorie Shrimp Recipes

RIPON, CA — January 23, 2014 — If you’re looking for some tasty low-calorie shrimp recipes, then pick up a copy of Candy Harrington’s newest book, Shrimp My Way; Low Calorie, Easy Prep and Simply Delicious.

This handy cookbook features over 25 slimming and easy-to-prepare shrimp recipes. From appetizers and soups, to Asian inspired dishes, pasta creations and even a few of Candy’s favorites, these tried-and-true recipes will perk up any menu.

As the author of Eating Well on the Road; A Travel Writer’s Strategy to Weight Loss, Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Changes, Candy Harrington intimately understands the importance of watching her calories. Fortunately, shrimp — which is naturally low in calories — is one of her favorite foods.

Says Harrington, “When I first jumped on the healthy eating bandwagon, the only way I knew how to prepare shrimp was to fry it. I knew I had to change that in short order, or else give up shrimp altogether. And frankly I just couldn’t imagine giving up shrimp, so this book is the result of my year-long search for healthy shrimp recipes.”

But the recipes are just the tip of the iceberg. Handy tips, tricks and essential information about this tasty crustacean are also included.

  • Shrimp and Cholesterol — Good or Bad?
  • Fresh or Frozen — Which is Better?
  • How to Pick Out Fresh Shrimp at the Market
  • How to Peel and Devein Shrimp
  • Storage Tips
  • Four Easy Ways to Prepare Shrimp
  • A Surefire Doneness Test

Top it off with lots of photos, easy-to-follow directions and nutritional information for each recipe, and you’ve got an excellent healthy eating resource.

Says Harrington, “I tried to include things in the book that I struggled with in the beginning. Believe me, it was a long road from fried shrimp with French fries, to tomatillo shrimp fajitas. I’m thrilled to be able to share this information with others now.”

As a travel writer for over 30 years Harrington has traveled all over the world covering accessible travel. She continues her career today, but without succumbing to the calorie-laden meals, cocktail receptions and never ending media buffets found on many press trips. Instead she continues her Lifestyle Plan on the road, and has maintained her weight loss for 4 years. Candy also blogs about healthy living and weight loss issues at

Shrimp My Way; Low Calorie, Easy Prep and Simply Delicious
($5.99, 60 pages, 7 X 10 paperback, ISBN: 978-0-61595-232-1;
$5.99, Kindle, ISBN: 978-1-63173-862-3)
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